Khilafat Day.

Happy wishes for Khilafat Day. Alhamdulillah, we, the Ahmadi Muslims are blessed with Divine Khilafat, that unites the Muslims of the world, living in different corners of the earth and speaking different languages…but united in one thread…thread of Khilafat. For the esteemed readers of MT, I am expressing my love […]

Pakistan: Prosecute Ahmadi Massacre Suspects

Credit. Human Rights Watch via Wasim Sarooya (New York) – Pakistan’s federal and provincial governments should bring to justice those responsible for the May 2010 attacks on Ahmadiyya mosques that killed 94 worshipers, Human Rights Watch said today. On May 28, 2010, Islamist militants attacked two Ahmadiyya mosques in the […]

China hits back on U.S. human rights

Beijing, China (CNN) — China criticized a “woeful” human rights record in the United States on Friday, a day after a U.S. report said Beijing’s own record is getting worse, with harsh crackdowns on dissidents. “The United States’ tarnished human rights record has left it in no state — whether […]