Humanity First

Islam and Dignity for the Dead

(By: Laiq Ahmed Atif) “Relate of your dead only that which is good, and refrain from speaking ill of them.”  Death is an integral part of life and death is as real as life. Nothing is so certain as the fact that for all of us there will come a […]

Serving the World│Aliya A Latif

The team of Humanity First volunteers was as diverse as the patients they served.  Credit/Source: Azizah Magazine: Serving the World by: Aliya A Latif A Gift of Sight: Serving the World Countless Guatemalans suffer from vision related problems and are unable to afford corrective surgeries. Tayyeba Ali and her colleagues […]

Glimpses of the Next Great Famine

Source: New York Times Author: Nicholas D. Kristof WHAT’S most heartbreaking about starving children isn’t the patches of hair that fall out, the mottled skin and painful sores, the bones poking through taut skin. No, it’s the emptiness in their faces. These children are conscious and their eyes follow you […]

Famine, the Unnecessary Evil

Source: New York Times Author:  Johann Hari  Book Review of  THREE FAMINES: Starvation and Politics by Thomas Keneally Eradicating famine from the human condition is one of the most noble goals we can have. But to do this, we need to understand how famine happens — and in the past […]