Eid promotes the spirit of sacrifice

Source: Jagran Qadian, Gurdaspur Today, the holy festival of eid is being celebrated across India with great fervor and religiosity. Literal meaning of Eid stands for ‘Happiniess’. Muslims celebrate Eid twice every year. One to which we refer as ‘Sewaiya wali Eid’ and the second one is known as Eid […]

Eid celebrated with great fervor in Haryana

Rohtak, Haryana The festival of Eid was celebrated in the city with great enthusiasm. Muslim brothers and members of other social organizations greeted each other by rubbing shoulders with each other. The process of distribution of eidi ensued. Muslim brothers offered their prayers at Lal Mosque, Noorani Mosque and Sheesha […]

Eid Recipes

Huff Post: An instruction from the prophet Muhammad is to “eat together, and do not separate, for the blessing is in the company.” After a month of fasting during Ramadan, Muslims will celebrate Eid ul-Fitr, a three-day festival with family, friends and food. We asked the HuffPost Religion community what […]