Indonesia. Listening to the aspirations of Ahmadiyah students towards the 2024 political year

Bandung Ahmadiyah students share knowledge and do activities with disabled students. This political year should not sacrifice minority groups for the sake of votes.

Author Awla Rajul 24 September 2023 Bandung –

The upcoming 2024 democratic general election (election) must accommodate and accommodate the aspirations of all elements of society. This five-year agenda should not be used as an opportunity to take away the rights of minority groups in order to gain votes. “Because most of the time, when there is a campaign season, the target is definitely minority groups like that.

“We don’t want to be taken advantage of at all,” said Parwin Salma, 22 years old, after the 2023 AMSA/AMSAW SHARING (Amshare) activities at the ABCD Asyifa Special School (SLB), Bandung, Saturday, September 23 2023.

Parwin is a student who is also the chairman of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association Women (AMSAW) Bandung. He hopes that the political agenda ahead of the 2024 election will actually be a moment to prioritize groups that receive less attention, the small and the marginalized.

Not only are their voices heard, but they are also involved in decision making. According to Parwin, all stakeholders must return to the inevitability that all citizens have the same rights. Including the right to express opinions, provide input and make decisions.

The 2024 democratic election party should be a forum for strengthening such commitments. “So don’t just because of the interests of a large group, but we are small, so we are not really involved and there are no benefits. So what we feel is only the loss,” he said.

Dedus Lihoko, Chair of the Amshare 2023 Committee, believes that in political agendas, it is important to put ego aside. In a democracy, whoever is finally elected to a political position or position must still be supported regardless of differences in votes.

“We are a democracy. We have to see that what rises is a high voice, we have to support it too. “That doesn’t mean our choice is the right choice,” said Dedus. This student from eastern Indonesia hopes that there will be no violence in the 2024 elections. Everyone can respect every difference of opinion and choice.

The political moment is a democratic moment, and that is how it must proceed. Apart from that, it is very important to continue to speak out about diversity and how to care for it. “Diversity in Indonesia is even more strengthened. The point is, appreciate it more.

“We have Pancasila, social justice for all Indonesian people, so we really have to respect each other as fellow Indonesian citizens,” he said.

Sharing in Difference Amshare is an annual routine activity organized by AMSA, the Ahmadiya student organization, and AMSAW, the Ahmadiyah student organization.

Not only in Bandung, this activity was also carried out in several other cities in Indonesia throughout September to October by their respective regional organizations. Nationally, Amshare in 2023 has the theme “There is no difference between us”.

Regional administrators re-mix it technically at the activity location. This time, the Amshare 2023 activity in Bandung was held at SLB, not without reason.

“Indeed, so far (in) social activities, most people choose social institutions, orphanages or Islamic boarding schools. However, there is one group that is also a vulnerable group and we must pay attention to, namely the disability group. “We want to be people who can provide attention to this vulnerable group too,” said Parwin Salma.

Parwin said there were four series of activities carried out, namely education and motivation, creativity session, together in love, and a little give for humanity. The first activity carried out was morning exercise with 26 Asyifa SLB students together with their teachers and companions.

The activity continues with playing treasure hunt which is then exchanged for candy. Educational activities are carried out by reading fairy tales and planting trees.

“Why plants? Because it is in accordance with environmental issues. So (we) want to involve children in caring about the environment.

“Also, by playing on the ground, touching a lot of rough things can stimulate their cognitive and motor skills,” he said enthusiastically. Parwin admitted that there were challenges in carrying out activities with disabled students. Every activity must be made easy to understand by ABCD Asyifa SLB students.

That day, the students were not just participants. They also have the opportunity to show off their talents. Four students performed a Sundanese dance accompanied by trumpet music.

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