Only in Islam do we find standards of absolute justice: Huzoor’s address to external guests at Jalsa Salana Germany

2nd September 2023

Messe Stuttgart, 2 September 2023: At approximately 5:12 pm local time, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaa, began his second address of the day to non-Ahmadi guests at Jalsa Salana Germany.

This special session started with the recitation of the selected verses of the Holy Quran from Surah an-Nisa, Surah an-Nahl and Surah al-Hujurat, by Khawaja Abdur Nur Sahib. Then, Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa came to the podium and spoke to external guests. A summary of the address is given below:

After reciting tashahud and ta’awuz, Huzooraa thanked all the guests who accepted the invitation and participated in the gathering.

Huzooraa then said that he would address the major allegations levelled against Islam.

First of all, it is alleged that Islam’s teachings are extremists and encourage Muslims to use force to conquer lands or to eliminate other religions and beliefs. It is also claimed that Muslim consider non-Muslims inferior and that Islam does not priorities human values or bestows equal rights to certain sections of the society, especially women.

One of the primary allegations against Islam is that Islam was spread by sword or force. In Chapter 10, verse 100 of the Holy Quran, Allah says that if He willed, He would have compelled everyone to accept Islam. This verse clearly proves that every person is free to practice their religion and nobody can compel anyone to convert to any religion.

Islam does not permit Muslims to propagate their faith coercively through the destructive powers of swords and bombs, but instead calls on them to use reason, evidence and love to win the hearts and minds of mankind.

Allah the Almighty have repeatedly commanded to practice the highest moral standards. Further, Islam does not tell Muslims to not show kindness, instead it instructs them to treat all people with justice, benevolence and compassion.

The Holy Quran enshrines a timeless and magnificent standard of truth and integrity. The justice advocated by Islam requires that even if someone has mistreated or prosecuted, it must never lead to seek revenge.

Throughout history, wars and disputes have plagued society. The simple answer Huzooraa said is “no” that such honourable standards of justice are being upheld in international relations or waring nations in this age. Only in Islam we find these standards of absolute justice.

Another allegation against Islam is that it is a religion of warfare and bloodshed. Allah has never given Muslims to fight and take up arms. Where it is granted permission in the Holy Quran, it is clearly under certain stringent conditions.

The battles fought by the Holy Prophetsa were entirely defensive in nature. Prophet Muhammadsa and his companion migrated from Mecca because of prosecution. Even then, they were not left to live in peace and Meccan army intended to kill the Prophet and eliminate Islam. Under those extreme circumstances, Allah gave the permission to fight a defensive war.

The Holy Quran testifies that the ultimate objective of Meccans was to eradicate all religions and demolish all places of worship. Hence, Allah gave the permission to take up arms against them.

If these are the actual teachings of Islam, then one might think as to why have the terrorists conducted such heinous acts in the name of Islam in recent years. The answer is that hateful extremists or politically motived individuals have extrapolated entirely false conclusions from certain verses of the Holy Quran to serve their own evil desires. Islam does not permit these cruel practices.

Another golden principle for ensuring peace in society is given in chapter 16 verse 91 of the Holy Quran. Allah the Almighty commands Muslims to not only act with justice but go beyond this and treat all people with love and compassion without their religious affiliations. Muslims are emphasised to help everyone selflessly without desiring anything in return.

Huzooraa said, “In essence, the Holy Quran teaches us that serving humanity is a fundamental means of spiritual progress.” 

Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa emphasised, “Islam teaches that it is essential to care for the sentiments and feelings of one another with sensitivity and consideration.”

Huzooraa explained, “In an age when women’s rights were not even deemed worthy of consideration, the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophetsa of Islam enshrined forever countless rights of women and girls including the rights to education, to divorce, and to inherit.

“On one occasion, the Holy Prophetsa of Islam gave an analogy of a woman being like a rib. As such, they were delicate and to be treated with love and tenderness. If one analyses this statement carefully, they would realise how esteemed the status of women in Islam is. The human rib is designed to protect a person’s vital organs and so by describing women in such a way the Holy Prophetsa has pointed to the fact that women are fundamental to the survival of humanity.”

Towards the end, Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa said:

“At the end, I pray that the people of the world may come to recognise their Creator and may all mankind, irrespective of their religious beliefs, live together in peace and with the spirit of compassion and respect for one another. Amin.”

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