Muslims advised to show love to orphans




April 24, 2023

Social Muslim Festival
Social Muslim Festival

Alhaj Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih, the Ameer in charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, has called on Muslims to collectively love, provide and protect orphans in order to build a strong nation.

He said failure to take proper care of them kills the spirit of sacrifice in national development.

The Ameer, delivering the sermon to mark this year’s Eid-Ul-Fitr in Accra, said disbelief in God led to the neglect of the poor and the needy.

He charged the Muslim community to eschew acts of laziness, adding that “building a nation demands a collective approach.”

Aalhaj Salih said Quoran Chapter 108:1-4 stated that the denial of religion causes the breakdown of man’s immunity to engage in all manner of evil.

He said the ills in society had the tendency to disintegrate a vibrant and progressive country.

“Nations that neglect some sections of their communities, can neither make any meaningful progress, nor have peace in their societies,” he said.

The Ameer urged all to pray with sincere hearts, and stated that most Muslims’ prayers were not answered because of hypocrisy.

The Holy Quoran said, “We have given mankind an abundance of good, therefore, man must show gratitude to his Lord not simply by words of mouth but through his sacrifices.”

He said the sacrifices that Allah expected from mankind were not for the enhancement of God’s own status, but for the purposes of personal development.

The Ameer said those in authority, according to the Quoran, were the reason man was impoverished because of their inability to ensure an equitable distribution of collective wealth.

He said those few rich people who had arrogated to themselves the God given commonwealth formed cabals and hoarded and restricted the currency of wealth.

The Ameer said such leaders benefited from the poor and needy through restricted allocations of the country’s wealth.


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