Israel should be made accountable for ‘crimes’ in Palestine: OIC chief

Israel should be made accountable for ‘crimes’ in Palestine: OIC chief

An armed Israeli gestures amid clashes between settlers and Palestinians in Burin village, after settlers reportedly set cars on fire in the village on Feb. 25, 2023. (File/AFP)


February 27, 2023

  • Secretary-general claims Israeli international law violations happening without political, legal repercussions

JEDDAH: A lack of punishment for its actions had encouraged Israel to continue carrying out “crimes” in Palestine, the secretary-general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation claimed on Monday.

Hissein Brahim Taha made his comments during an extraordinary meeting of the OIC’s executive committee in Jeddah, called to discuss a recent escalation of violence in the West Bank city of Nablus and throughout Palestine which has claimed 11 Palestinian lives and seen dozens of people injured.

“Israel continues to commit crimes and perpetuates its colonial settlement regime on Palestinian land in the presence of the international community,” Taha said.

He noted that Israel had been able to breach the terms of the Geneva Conventions and UN resolutions due to a lack of political and legal repercussions.

The OIC chief also passed on his condolences to the families of Palestinians killed in Nablus and praised the tenacity of the Palestinian people.

And Taha urged the organization’s member states to appeal verbally and in writing to the International Court of Justice for an advisory opinion on the legal status of Israel’s occupation, which he pointed out should be investigated and, if necessary, prosecuted.


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