5 Sukabumi Regency MUI Decision Regarding the Ahmadiyya Congregation Follows the Statement of FKUB Chairman Daden Sukendar

Friday, 24 February 2023 –

5 Sukabumi Regency MUI Decision Regarding the Ahmadiyya Congregation Follows the Statement of FKUB Chairman Daden Sukendar

5 Sukabumi Regency MUI Decision Regarding the Ahmadiyya Congregation Follows the Statement of FKUB Chairman Daden Sukendar

TatarSukabumi.ID – The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) of Sukabumi Regency held a Leadership Coordination Meeting (Rakorpim) in response to a statement that sparked controversy from the Head of the Sukabumi District FKUB Daden Sukendar against the Ahmadiyya sect which was uploaded in a video application, Thursday (23/02/2023) .

However, disappointment arose from all parties present at the Rakorpim, considering that the Chairperson of the Sukabumi Regency FKUB was not present and did not provide a formal reason to the Sukabumi Regency MUI leadership.

In fact, the MUI of Sukabumi Regency has sent letter number 13/MUI-KABSI/II/2023 regarding an invitation to clarify the Statement of the Chairperson of the Sukabumi Regency FKUB on social media about Ahmadiyah.

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After the Rakorpim, Deputy Chairman I MUI of Sukabumi Regency KH.UK Anwarudin, explained to the media crew a statement of the attitude towards the decision of the Sukabumi Regency MUI Coordination Meeting today, which was attended by members of the TNI, namely representatives of Dandim 0622 and 0607, Sukabumi City and Regency Police, Ministry of Religion, Prosecutors Office, Kesbangpol , Assda I, Kasatpol-PP, and the religious leaders of the sub-district and district MUI administrators and a number of leaders of Islamic organizations in Sukabumi district.

“In this coordination meeting specifically in order to discuss and respond to the position statement of Daden Sukendar as chairman of the Sukabumi Regency FKUB who has expressed his attitude on social media towards Ahmadiyah. To be honest, I want to say that I have reaped polemics, disturbed order and tranquility. the Muslim community of Sukabumi Regency and all parties. So because of that the MUI of Sukabumi Regency deliberately held a joint coordination meeting and Alhamdulillah it has been completed,” said KH.UK Anwarudin, Thursday (23/02).

Deputy Chairman I MUI Sukabumi Regency again explained several points from the Coordination Meeting.

“From the results of the meeting, namely the first that the Sukabumi Regency MUI remains committed that the Ahmadiyya sect is a heretical and misleading sect as the regulations set by the government of the Republic of Indonesia through a joint decree of the minister of religion, the attorney general and the Minister of Home Affairs number 199 of 2008 and then Governor Regulation West Java province number 12 of 2011, especially the MUI Fatwa number 11/MUNAS VII/MUI/15/2005,”

“Therefore, until now we are still of the opinion that the Ahmadiyya Qodyani network in Sukabumi district, especially in Parakansalak and generally in Indonesia, is a heretical and misleading sect, that is the statement of the first decision,” said KH.UK Anwarudin.

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The second decision, continued KH.UK Anwarudin, MUI Sukabumi Regency has no objection to dismissing Daden Sukendar from his position as one of the Executive members of the Sukabumi Regency MUI Secretary.

“But of course later it will be arranged based on the MUI mechanism itself, which insha’Allah will be held a daily leadership meeting on Monday,” he said.

“Then the three MUIs of Sukabumi Regency will submit a letter of request to the Regent of Sukabumi to temporarily freeze the FKUB of Sukabumi Regency from the leadership of brother Daden Sukendar,” continued KH.UK Anwarudin.

The fourth decision based on the results of the meeting, Daden Sukendar is expected to apologize to all the people of Sukabumi Regency.

“And finally regarding the issue of sealing carried out by the government together with the MUI for the construction of the Ahmadiyya madrasa in Parakansalak, it will always be followed up and will be maintained so that it does not become a polemic. This is of course done on the basis of regulations from the central government, the governor of West Java and the MUI Fatwa,” he stressed.

KH.UK Anwarudin asked all MUI officials at the regency, sub-district, down to the village level not to be provoked by the existence of information or statements submitted by the head of the Sukabumi Regency FKUB which were considered to tend to give freedom to Ahmadiyah.

“So that Ahmadiyah may feel happy about this statement, even though it is wrong and wrong and not in accordance with the Islamic Aqidah Ahlussunnah wal jamaah,” said UK. Anwarudin at the Cisaat Islamic Center Building, Sukabumi Regency.(*)

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