Nasyiatul Aisyiyah: The Torch of Progress and Civilization

By Fazat Azizah 04/12/2022

For almost a century, Nasyiatul Aisyiyah ‘s (NA) journey has translated Muhammadiyah’s goal of realizing true Islam in struggle and movement. Through the XIVth NA Conference which will be held in Bandung, West Java on December 2-4 2022, NA carries the theme “Strengthening Women, Strengthening Civilization.”

The implications of this theme certainly encourage NA to innovate, collaborate, advocate, and strategies in responding to changing times to create an Islam that upholds justice, humanity, and modernity. Thus, in order to complete the progress of women and carve out civilization, it is necessary to be equipped with strong   skills to solve problems. Various issues and problems regarding children and women in Indonesia are still a hot topic.

The case of polio, for example, brings Indonesia’s status in Extraordinary Events (KLB) of polio after obtaining an Eradication certificate. Not to mention, cases of sexual violence that continue to increase against children and women which also color the treasures of problems in Indonesia lately. The campaign was also encouraged by Komnas Perempuan to voice 16 Days of Anti-Violence Against Women (HAKTP).

Along with that, the 2nd Congress of the Indonesian Women’s Ulama Congress (KUPI) also advocated the elimination of violence. KUPI encourages the government to immediately implement policies for groups prone to violence and implementing regulations for the Law on Crimes of Sexual Violence and the Bill on Protection of Domestic Workers. The XIV Congress of Nasyiatul Aisyiyah is an important moment to convey a moral message for humanity to take a position and emphasize its role in influencing policy in Indonesia. The Jihad Movement Eradicates the Status of Polio Outbreaks in Indonesia Progress in the field of child health needs to get Nasyiah’s attention (besides focusing on stunting cases).

The latest case that hit Indonesia, which has received an eradication certificate, has now changed its status to Indonesia Polio Extraordinary Events (KLB). This happened because the Government of Pidie District, Aceh found one case of polio on November 10, 2022. Read Also   The Role of Nasyiatul Aisyiyah in the First Women’s Congress Evidence of a progressive movement in the health sector, NA takes a position to collaborate with the state to combat and control the status of polio outbreaks so that they do not spread. NA also has an important role in educating the public about the importance of polio immunization for children (children’s rights). It should be noted that there are people who are included in the anti-vaccine group (known as anti-vaccine), which can be a reason for the emergence of polio cases. Internally and ideas, NA can color treasures in the decisions of manhaj tarjih. By proposing the need to include jihad to eradicate polio into health fiqh. Of course this is a form of strengthening civilization. In addition, being free from polio is a child’s health right. In the study of the five maqasid sharia , keeping the soul free from all diseases or things that threaten and endanger health from an early age is a necessity (urgent). Therefore, being healthy from polio is part of protecting the soul or what is known as hifdzu nafs (protecting the soul). This is because preventing polio by means of polio immunization is part of protecting and guarding the soul as taught by the Shari’a.

As stated by Syatibi, “Actually sharia aims to realize the benefit of the world and the hereafter.” Gender Affirmation from the NA Perspective in the Nasyiah Handbook Gender issues are not a new issue in the Indonesian landscape. However, the understanding of NA cadres that has not been completely completed from upstream to downstream needs special attention. The gender perspective of NA (still very relevant) is needed in bridging cadres to view issues of gender inequality in society. The reason is that NA is not only an organizational subject or actor, but also an organizational object (object of the organization under study) for the community. Movements, thoughts or views on an issue – especially – gender are interesting to be researched by prospective Indonesian scholars.

The proof is that some time ago, someone asked what gender NA perspective is and how? The inability to respond institutionally to the concept of NA, of course, is due to the absence of a gender perspective in the perspective of NA that has been standardized and recorded in the NA guidebook. So, if there are prospective scholars who want to do research on NA, their views are only personal. Even though personally he could not represent NA institutionally. Also Read   Organizational Movement Overcoming Economic Problems

The movement to voice equality and even gender justice which -is considered- to be final and intact (both epistemologically, ontologically, and axiologically), should make it easier to give birth to a gender NA perspective. However, if the movement has an incomplete understanding of gender, it will have implications for gender bias movements. Or perhaps what has been understood to be equal is in fact only a delusion of gender equality. Peace Ceremony for Local Minorities Nasyiatul Aisyiyah as a Muhammadiyah women’s organization, has a role to create peace in the local and global spheres. NA has played a role in the global sphere, as evidenced by NA’s participation in women’s peace activities in the United States. However, there is an issue that until now has become a hot issue in Indonesian society.

This issue is an issue of the minority of the Ahmadiyya Congregation that needs a helping hand from humanity. If the theological study of Ahmadiyah is final, then how does Islam play a role in human relations between religious communities? Meanwhile, the Islam that the Qur’an idealizes is the religion of rahmatan lil ‘alamin . As a religion, Muhammadiyah explains that mercy can be understood as compassion and kindness. Islam is a religion that loves and gives real goodness to all nature. Rahmah as a root, basic, and comprehensive teaching, so as to be able to move honesty, create peace, tranquility, justice, equality, and help each other based on piety. Thus, the minorities are waiting for the practice of compassionate Islam from NA.

NA has a bargaining position to advocate and hear policies within Muhammadiyah (through studies of manhaj tarjih) and the government to create a strong and firm legal umbrella regarding state protection for the Ahmadiyya Congregation. Once again, the Congress is the right moment for NA to propose policies. A brother in arms, the Fatayat Central Leadership has been advocating for Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) policies and succeeded in coloring the Bahtsul Masail (a forum for finding a legal basis) at the NU Ulama National Conference in Surabaya in 2006 last year by bringing up the issue of human trafficking.

Fatayat’s success is reflected in the inclusion of a member of the advocacy network for the Anti-Trafficking Law (UU) which was passed in June 2007. Also Read   Haedar’s Message at Tanwir NA: Use Bayani, Burhani, and ‘Irfani Seeing Fatayat’s journey, it is only natural that now it is NA’s turn to participate and take a portion and position to give color to Muhammadiyah’s manhaj tarjih and government policies. If humans are not brothers in religion, then they are brothers in humanity. Finally, congratulations to the XIV Nasyiatul Aisyiyah Congress! Congratulations on translating a progressive Islam that gives love and kindness to humanity to all of nature (humans, animals, plants and the universe) for a green civilization in the future.

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