Ministry of Religion provides guidance for Islamic Religious Counselors

Karimun, – The Head of the Ministry of Religion of Karimun Regency gave an understanding to religious instructors in Karimun Regency which was held in the FKUB meeting room of the Ministry of Religion, Tuesday 08/11/2022.

About the dangers of Terrorism, Radicalism and Intolerance and provide information updates to extension workers by preventing the entry of teachings from splinter groups such as Ahmadiyah, Shia and Wahabi.

Religious instructors must prioritize Religious Moderation in providing enlightenment to the community, as an effort to prevent understanding of splinter sects or sects that will have an impact on disrupting harkamtibmas in Kab. Karimun.

Ustad Basit Lubis said something that started from intolerance and if left unchecked it would turn into radicalism. Furthermore, if the seeds of radicalism get a conducive place or atmosphere, it will develop into terrorism.

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