‘Sir Tan Se Juda’, slogans being raised for Ahmadis in Pakistan, spewing poison against pregnant women


Islamabad: Till now, only Hindus, Sikhs and Christians were facing atrocities in Pakistan. But now the condition of Ahmadis in Pakistan is getting worse. There is talk of violence against Ahmadis in Pakistan. A video of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) leader Mohammad Naeem Chatta Qadri has surfaced on social media, in which he is talking about violence against Ahmadis. But the extent was reached when he also talked about violence against pregnant women.

In the video, Qadri is seen in a sermon to his followers to actively attack Ahmadis, especially pregnant women, so that even an Ahmadi child is not allowed to be born. TLP had demonstrated in Pakistan over the controversial cartoon in France. TLP was banned, which was later lifted by Imran Khan’s government.

What is Naeem Chatta saying
Naeem Chatta started his talk by spewing venom against Hindus and then targeted Ahmadi pregnant women. He asked his followers to raise a religious slogan and said that this slogan should be raised so loudly that the children of Ahmadi women die in their stomachs. He further said, ‘Such a gustaakh (Ahmadi) should not be born and if he is born, we will not leave him alive.’

Punjab Chief Minister also spewed poison
Even the chief ministers of states spew venom against Ahmadis in Pakistan. On 27 September, the Chief Minister of the Pakistani province, Pervez Elahi, said that he was building a mosque, which would be like the Blue Mosque of Turkey. It was made by the people of Turkey. There will be a place for women to offer Namaz. But it will be written on the outside that Qadiani cannot come in here. Qadiani is a term used for Ahmadis. If Ahmadis want to stay, they will give as much rights as they give to Christians and Hindus in minority, if you want to go somewhere else then go.

Human rights committee took cognizance
The International Human Rights Committee has taken cognizance of this incident. No statement has been issued by the Ahmadis. Ahmadis are not even given minority status in Pakistan. Incidents of violence against them keep coming from time to time. It is estimated that 40 lakh Ahmadis live in Pakistan.

source https://www.newsdayexpress.com/world/sir-tan-se-juda-slogans-being-raised-for-ahmadis-in-pakistan-spewing-poison-against-pregnant-women/

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