A school in Attock expels students for being Ahmadi

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September 24, 2022

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Picture source Borgen Magazine. Picture for illustrative purposes only

A school in Attock has expelled four students after their confession of being Ahmadi.

A relative of the students has told that they had been expelled for being Ahmadi; adding that a class fellow of the students was harassing the student for some time. He also told that some parents had prevailed on the school principal after which they were expelled from the school.

He also brought forward a document issued by the school to expel them on basis of their confession.

According to a media report, the document for expelling the students read,” the following students who were studying in this institute are being withdrawn on the basis of Qadianiat* Religion.”

The principal upon being contacted refused to answer saying that the school was closed for the day. She further said that she would comment on the matter after being approached during office hours at her office.

Amir Mehmood, in charge of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiya, told the media that the insistence on anti-Ahmadi discrimination had become a routine in Pakistan. He also told that a number of students were expelled from their educational institutions earlier as well. He added that the anti-Ahmadi sentiment was rife in Attock.

The Ahmadi community has been subjected to routine persecution followed by legal and state sanctions. There have also been voices raised by a politician from Khushab to evict Ahmadis from the city.

source https://minutemirror.com.pk/a-school-in-attock-expels-students-for-being-ahmadi-63485/

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