Salman Rushdie. a literary genius or just plain silly?

Muslims who are against Salman Rushdie are often accused of ‘not even having read his books’.

Well, I tried. I bought I think it was ‘Midnight Children’.

I started to read it. In the first chapter (if I recall correctly) Salman Rushdie wrote

‘ my grand father was a medical doctor. He studied in Germany during the difficult years of the first world war. He was then a devout Muslim, regular in his daily prayers. When he came back to Kashmir it was December. The ground was frozen. He regularly went to the mosque for prayers, also the early morning prayer. Then he slipped on the ice and broke his arm. After that he never prayed again.’

(not exact quotation. from my memory …)

Well, if you like you can call this literary genius. I call it just plain silly.

If he would have slipped on the ice and broken his arm when going shopping, would he never have gone shopping again?

I abandoned the book and did not read any further.

Just saying ….

for you your opinion, for me mine….

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  1. In fact, if it wasn’t for some myopic muslims who gave him inadvertent publicity, nobody would ever have know him or of his existence!

    So, the Muslims who started issuing idiotic fatwas, are to blame for his never ending publicity and also gave free advertisement to his disgusting book!

    Him and his book should have been totally IGNORED!

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