Chinese paper:Theft of Syrian oil by US forces is a disgrace to America

13 August، 2022

BEIJING,SANA- Chinese newspaper, China Daily, said that the United States has become more shameless in its theft crimes against many countries in the world, as is the case with the plundering of the Syrian oil, which is “a disgrace and a shame to Washington.”

The newspaper said in an article that “American forces continued stealing the Syrian oil and transport it to Iraqi lands, noting that this matter shows that the American greed for obtaining the oil will not stop.

The newspaper pointed out that this looting and robbery always reflects negatively on the peoples of the countries whose resource are stolen by the United States,

The paper said , as we see in Iraq high rates of poverty despite the country is rich in oil, in addition to what the United States has done of stealing gold and shipping it outside the country after the invasion that took place in 2003.

Fedaa al- Rhayiah / mazen Eyon


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  1. Charles Jannuzi
    Associate Professor (1994–present)

    Yes, it is stealing it. It is helping the Kurds in the NE of the country separate from Syria and then sells the oil to Turkey. The cash is then used to pay for this landlocked mini-Kurdistan that was once part of Syria. The US has enabled Iraqi Kurds to do the same thing in Iraq.

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