Historic first in Australia as two Muslims become ministers


The New Arab Staff

01 June, 2022

Anne Aly was made Minister for Early Childhood Education and the Minister for Youth, while Ed Husic was made Minister for Industry and Science

Anne Aly was sworn in as Australia’s first-ever Muslim woman minister on Wednesday [Getty]

Two Australian parliamentarians became the country’s first-ever Muslim ministers on Wednesday.

Anne Aly and Ed Husic were sworn into government 11 days after new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese led the centre-left Labor Party to an election victory over the incumbent conservatives.

Husic was made Minister for Industry and Science, while Aly became Minister for Early Childhood Education and the Minister for Youth.

Both ministers held a pink Quran as they took an oath during their swearing-in ceremony.

Husic, who was born in Australia to Bosnian parents, became the first Muslim to be elected to parliament in 2010.


Aly, born in Alexandria, Egypt, moved to Australia with her parents when she was two years old. She held academic and public service roles before she moved into politics.

Aly and Husic’s appointment as ministers was welcomed by Muslim leaders in the country.

“Young Muslims in Australia [will see] that political representation is an option which is open for them if they wish to contribute to society,” Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) chief executive Keysar Trad told SBS News.

source https://english.alaraby.co.uk/news/historic-first-australia-two-muslims-become-ministers

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