Just a small incident during the US occupation of Iraq …

The readers of The Muslim Times may recall that your Associate Chief Editor was working for the International Organisation for Migration in Iraq from 2003 to 2011, most of the time as Chief of Mission.

In 2003, during the initital US occupation, one day one of our Iraqi National Staff came to the office very upset and reported that during the night US soldiers raided their residence. They stole all gold ornaments of the ladies and cash to the tune of 20’000 USD. (as banks were not working at the time wealthy citizens kept cash in the house, a normal precaution in time of war). ‘

Our staff asked for our help and I instructed out Security Officer to contact the US authorities to report the incident and try to intervene. The reaction of the US officers receiving the compalint was interesting, he said

‘oh, another one’.

He said that a team is coming from an American base in Germany especially to follow up this and all other (many) similar reports.

Well, a few days after that the UN building was attacked by a terrorist truck bomb, all security guys were busy. (our own Security Officer was slightly insured due to the bomb blast air pressure in his ears) and nothing came out of the possible US internal investigation.

Just saying … to complete the picture …

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