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    4 days? My Lords! 4 days?
    -Haider Mehdi.
    My Lords, I’m neither a lawyer or a Judge, and God Forbid if I had the great misfortune to be a member of this wretched community of mafia dons which has destroyed Pakistan.
    But I’m a Pakistani who is not deaf, dumb, blind and cannot let this terrible judgement go without comment!
    My Lords, as is universally acknowledged across the length and breadth of Pakistan, our Judicial institutions have been the single biggest factor in destroying our country, by giving legitimacy to our military dictators, not bringing to justice the Sharifs, Bhuttos, Zardaris who devastated, destroyed, raped, looted and plundered this country with abandon and not providing justice to the vast majority of Pakistanis.
    My Lords, no one in this country can hold your institutions accountable for the reign of Judicial terror and havoc that has been wreaked on Pakistan.
    My Lords, no one can question the highly questionable manner by which you select your own to Superior Judicial offices.
    My Lords, today their is no executive or parliamentary process to vet these appointments, therefore throwing up the likes of EX CJ Iftikhar, whose protégé today sits as the CJ of the Islamabad High Court.
    My Lords you have not reformed your institution in 75 years. The state of our judicial landscape is like a graveyard with vultures picking the bones of the poor.
    My Lords you have not given justice to the poor people of Pakistan, only saved the interests of the rich and mighty providing them relief and allowing them to flee.
    My Lords for 75 years, you have quashed the lives, the hopes and aspirations of the desperately poor, the illiterate, the ill informed.
    My Lords, what state of law and judicial landscape is this?
    What justice should I expect from this institution?
    My Lords, you expect people to have faith in this institution that takes it upon itself to decide the fate of 220 million people on a Suo Moto in 4 days?
    4 days? My Lords! 4 days?
    A few questions for you My Lords?
    1. Under what authority of the Constitution did the SC exercise its Suo Moto power to breach Article 69 of the Constitution under which no parliamentary proceedings, even improper can be challenged in any forum, legal or otherwise?
    My friends in the legal fraternity advised me that the SC could if the parliamentary proceedings or orders had violated the basic tenets of the Constitution?
    Therefore, My Lords, my second question?
    2. What “basic tenets” of the Constitution had the Deputy Speakers ruling violated?
    If it was in declaring the Vote of No Confidence, devoid of legality based on his ruling quoting Article 5, then my third question.
    3. Should the Supreme Court not first ascertain the validity of the charge of sedition against the State as stated in Article 5, before passing judgement on the Deputy Speakers ruling?
    I repeat, My Lords, Isn’t it essential for the Court to first rule on the basis on which the Deputy Speaker passed his ruling, before passing judgement on his ruling?
    My Lord’s you are supposed to be custodians of law, of fundamental rights of this nation.
    You are supposed to be defenders of the poor the oppressed, the destroyed and the devastated, through your judgements.
    If you followed the letter of the law, then Article 69 stands like a steel wall against you.
    If you didn’t, which you didn’t and followed the spirit of the law in thinking that injustice has been done by the Deputy Speaker, then by the same token, your lordship you should have taken into account all factors which led to that ruling.
    1. The charge of meddling by a foreign country in our affairs to deseat a legitimately elected government.
    2. The charge of buying legislators from the ruling party by the opposition.
    3. The charge of “hidden hands” forcing allies to switch sides.
    Hands now no longer hidden given the Army Chief’s address to GHQ officers in which he said everything that we all along suspected.
    My Lords a grave imjustice has been wreaked by you 5 on this hapless nation which was just beginning to free itself of the loot, plunder and rape of these wretched criminals, the Sharifs, Zardaris, Bhuttos, Fazlus et al.
    But then again, My Lordships it doesn’t really matter to you who governs Pakistan.
    Nothing changes for you and the other elite capturing leeches of Pakistan!
    You will live with the same pomp and show. The same privileges and wealth.
    Whether you are a serving or retired Judge of the Superior Judiciary, a military dictator or a serving or retired senior military leader, a senior bureaucrat, a corrupt civil servant, a rich businessmen, a rich landowner, or any privileged rich person or a corrupt Zardari or Nawaz Sharif or Shahbaz Sharif, or their good for nothing children, nothing changes for people like you and them
    I repeat, My Lords, nothing changes for people like you and them
    But what about the poor and the underprivileged, the vast majority of Pakistanis who struggle and toil to eke out a miserable living?
    What about them who run from pillar to post all their lives trying to seek justice from the likes of you?
    What about those whose children die from malnutrition, have stunted growth, cannot get a decent education, cannot get jobs, have no recourse to Healthcare or justice, are exploited everywhere, just because those entrusted with governance looted the nation’s wealth, instead of spending it on them?
    What about them, My Lords?
    What about them, My Lords
    Your actions today, My Lords, a day which will forever in our history live in infamy, has struck a devastating blow to the hopes and aspirations of a better future and a more equitable and just society for this vast majority of Pakistanis.
    The honourable way for you all, My Lords, is to stop this terribly destructive path that you have put the country on.
    Please hear the case for as long as it takes to determine the accuracy of the sedition charge on which the Deputy Speaker based his ruling!
    Please probe, investigate and question and decide on the buying of legislators, since you’ve taken the spirit of the law into account.
    Was Justice blind to all this? Was justice blind to a legislator / murderer brought into Parliament to vote?
    What use is your law and the Constitution if corrupt leaders can buy off legislators and overthrow a legally elected government under the garb of our Constitution?
    We’d be better off auctioning parliamentary seats and Superior Judicial offices to the highest budder and have Malik Riaz as our PM or Chief Justice!
    What a mockery, your Lordships! What a mockery!
    We might as well tear up this document and throw it in the dustbin.
    Take your time, My Lords.
    What’s the hurry?
    Who is egging you on? Why the rush?
    We’re talking about the fate and future of this country. Not a simple decision to hand it back to looters and plunderers!
    Think Again, My Lords. Think Again!
    What you do now or don’t do will have far reaching impact and consequences for Pakistan.
    4 day? My Lords? 4 days to decide the destiny and the future fate of this country? 4 days?
    Think Again, My Lords. Do the right thing!
    With Prayers
    Haider Mehdi

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