Pakistan Embarrassed After Facebook Refuses To Remove URLs of Ahmadiyyas Under ‘blasphemy’

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In an attempt to step over the ‘inferior sect of Muslims,’ Pakistan Telecast Authority (PTA) urged Facebook to remove over 700 URLs related to Ahmadiyyas.

Written By Aakansha Tandon

Pakistan’s intentions to crumble the minority Ahmadiyya community in the country has been intensified as their hatred towards the community continues to grow. In an attempt to step over the ‘inferior sect of Muslims,’ Pakistan Telecast Authority (PTA) on Wednesday urged Facebook to remove over 700 URLs related to the Ahmadiyyas, claiming that it pertains to blasphemy in the country. However, the social media giant denied the request and reminded Pakistan that the action pertains to a human rights violation.

Facebook reportedly told PTA that the company has refused their request as it was against the commitments made by the social media platform to the international community and further reminded the Imran Khan-led government that Islamabad is also a signatory to ‘Conventions on International Human Rights,’ and their demand is contradictory to their commitments under the provision.

As per local media reports, PTA had made the request claiming that the Ahmadiyyas deliberately hurt the sentiments of other Muslims as they continue to identify themselves as preachers of Islam, which is against the beliefs of the majority. They further alleged that the community propagates religious traditions under the guise of Islam, which is apparently considered ‘blasphemy.’

For the unversed, In Pakistan, Ahmadiyyas are treated like Pariahs and are humiliated for belonging to a particular community. Time and again, reports of violence against the minority sect of Muslims have surfaced. They are prohibited by laws from preaching Islam openly, from reading Islamic religious texts, calling their places of worships as ‘Masjids’. International Organisations have been repeatedly voicing concerns over the depleted conditions of the community. Over the years, scores of  Ahmadiyyas have migrated after suffering immense humiliation and trouble. Pakistan’s unabashed request to mortify the minorities further comes in even as only five months ago, international human rights organisations had raised alarm over the persecution of the Ahmadiyya community. The International Forum for Right and Security (IFFRAS) had stated that the organisation had documented the systematic persecution which is being endured by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community by the religious extremists and state institutions. Despite facing global criticism, Islamabad continues to neglect the plight of the people.

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2 replies

  1. ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tele­communications Authority (PTA) has called upon YouTube to review its decision to block a TV channel run by the late Dr Israr Ahmed’s foundation over charges of hate speech.

    “This unilateral shutdown of Dr Israr Ahmed’s channel, a prominent Muslim scholar, raises questions about the arbitrary limits of online expression,” the PTA said in its appeal to YouTube on Tuesday.

    Sources in the PTA said the channel concerned used to broadcast videos of Dr Israr Ahmed that tried to shed light on the socio-economic order envisaged by the Holy Quran.

    The PTA pleaded that such videos were only aimed at “educating the viewers”.

    YouTube suspended the channel after Jewish groups complained that its programmes carried contents which incited hate against them.

    Dr Israr’s channel had almost three million subscribers and his lectures were admired by a large number of people living in the West.

    The channel, operated by the son of Dr Israr Ahmed, shows recordings of the late scholar’s old speeches.

    These contain his views about the end of the world in the light of Quranic verses and the Jews’ place in history.

    A disciple of Dr Israr Ahmed decried the move as a violation of free speech by the West.

    Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza said on his own YouTube channel the move betrayed the West’s double standard. “They acted upon complaints just by Jewish groups, without hearing the other side,” he said.

    The complaints lodged with YouTube expressed fears that Dr Israr’s “preaching could trigger violence against Jews in the West by Muslims”.

    • Why do we Muslims act like Victims. Zia is literally the epitome of this. Inserting his ‘whataboutism’

      I think it is totally different thing. One scenario where we Muslims are actively oppressing a Minority group, where the Govt of Pakistan is involved in. Asking for Ahmediyya education to be censored by Facebook (when none of their beliefs go against their guidelines- Yes i know most Ahmeddiya beliefs are quack, but nevertheless they should be allowed to believe what they want, but the government and Pakistani citizens have actively desecrated Ahmediyya graves, mosques, and even violently attacked people, all ignored by the state)

      Another scenario, where YouTube- Not the government- a private company deciding to remove content that may ‘target a group’. This is debatable of course, but is wildly a different scenario to the above. \

      Stop acting like a victim, and take responsibility for this embarrassment. You cannot apply your Pakistani ‘religious zealously’ to Facebooks company policy. YouTube on the other hand is supposedly removing ‘harmful content’ that ‘targets a group’ whether that is in speech or action, that is considered antisemistm is well within a private companies right.

      I do agree that yes, Zionism plays a role here. But let’s not pretend, as Muslims, our backyards and closest aren’t full of the same darkness that we’re so eager to call out when it is a Jewish group or any non-muslim one.

      Make it make sense.

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