Nutritionists share tips for an enriching, balanced diet in Ramadan

By Maria Weldali – Mar 31,2022 – JORDAN TIMES

‘The holy month of Ramadan can be a great time to build new healthy dietary habits,’ says Alaa Omar, a nutritionist (Photo courtesy of Nathan Dumlao/ Unsplash)

AMMAN — As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, nutritionists and dieticians share tips for an enriching and balanced diet.

“The holy month of Ramadan can be a great time to build new healthy dietary habits,” Alaa Omar, a nutritionist, told The Jordan Times on Monday. She added that it is an opportunity to obtain physical benefits such as weight loss.

Omar advised people to avoid greasy food and caffeine during suhoor (pre-dawn meal), to open the fast with dates, prepare lighter meals, eat fibre and protein-rich food, as well as reduce caffeinated drinks.

Furthermore, Omar said that drinking water in bulk at iftar (sunset meal) time is not recommended as it will make the person feel full and it can cause a stomachache. 

She noted that excessive amounts of waters can be damaging and therefore water intake should be steady.

Shaima Hamdan, a nutritionist, spoke about the benefits of suhoor, mentioning that it supports people’s daily nutrient needs. 

Alongside this, it helps people fast throughout the day without feeling tired, stimulates digestion and prevents the body from going into extreme starvation.

“Suhoor can consist of oatmeal with fruits, dates, figs, Greek yoghurt and nuts,” she noted. 

Hamdan added that “Suhoor is a blessed time, so people who fast should eat suhoor”. 


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