Three brothers divorce wives ‘within a minute’ for neglecting mother

Algerian brothers became infuriated after learning their sick mother was given shower by neighbours

News DeskFebruary 20, 2022

Three Algerian brothers reportedly divorced their wives in “less than a minute” after they allegedly failed to take care of their elderly mother, Gulf News reported.

The report, quoting local media, said that the brothers came home from work and found out that their sick mother was given a shower by the neighbours and not their wives which infuriated them, prompting them to divorce their wives all at once.

The report added that the old woman’s daughter used to visit her mum twice a week to take care of her but could not come recently because she was taking care of her husband who had been diagnosed with cancer.

As per the report, the wives had refused to take care of the mother. Making matters worse, as far as the brothers were concerned, was seeing that the old woman was left at the mercy of neighbours, it added.


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