The Jews dressing as Muslims to get around a prayer ban

Some extremist Jews reveal that they’ve been dressing as Muslims to enter and worship at a bitterly contested holy site, Temple Mount or the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

After Israel captured and occupied East Jerusalem in 1967, a delicate status quo remained: non-Muslims can visit the complex but must not pray there.

The BBC has been speaking to Jewish Israeli activist, Raphael Morris, who leads a fringe group called “Returning to the Mount”, which advocates prayer at the site he calls Temple Mount and to a Palestinian Muslim activist, Hanady Halawani who says she will defend al-Aqsa Mosque.

Produced by Gidi Kleiman, Yolande Knell and Youssef Shomali

Shot and edited by Anastassia Zlatopolskai

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  1. Theoretically an arrangement could be found that would permit the Jews to pray at the site also. But it is understandable that the Palestinians are reluctant to allow it, because if you give the Israelis a little finger they will take the whole arm and keep it.

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