Commentary of Surah Rehman with one picture in one paragraph

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

Unless you are one of the Trump’s followers yourself, you know what it means to be in a hard core Republican bubble. Where facts do not matter only thing that matters is what he says and defines for them. At one time almost thirty percent of the US population was living in his bubble. In defense of them, almost all of us live in our bubbles of sorts. Sometimes bubbles are political and at other times religious, where we understand the holy Quran from only the scholars or leaders of our choosing. This creates a bubble and limits our horizons, knowledge, perspectives and paradigms and divides humanity and takes us away from universal brotherhood and sisterhood. In this day and age of information, we can easily expand our learning of Surah Rehman by not only learning about gratitude from scholars of all sects of Islam, but also other Abrahamic faiths. The epiphany that I had a few years back was that even agnostic and atheist scientists, as they present the wonderful universe and spectacular life forms on our planet earth, become very eminent teachers for the attribute Al Rehman of Allah. The psychologists by embellishing the understanding of gratitude and its impact on our daily life serve the same purpose regardless of their faith:

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