One Justice Foundation. Sintang West Kalimantan Ahmadiyah Congregation experiences systematic Discrimination

One Justice Foundation: Sintang West Kalimantan Ahmadiyah Congregation, Experience Systematic Discrimination
The Pontianak District Court sentenced 21 months and 15 days to the destruction of the Miftahul Huda Mosque belonging to the Indonesian Ahmadiyah Congregation (JAI) in Bale Harapan Village, Sintang, West Kalimantan, Thursday (11/06/2022) showing the ugly face of justice in Indonesia. Where to ignore the fulfillment of the rights of victims and justice seekers dealing with corrupt and unprofessional state systems and implementers.
This was stated by Sugeng Teguh Santoso, Chairman of the One Justice Foundation (YSK) accompanied by Syamsul Alam Agus, his secretary, in a press release, Tuesday (18/01/2022) in Jakarta.

“The day after the panel of judges gave a light sentence to the perpetrators of vandalizing a house of worship, the next day (7/1) the Sintang district government issued a third warning letter (SP) ordering the residents of JAI Sintang to dismantle their own house of worship. This warrant exacerbates the security conditions and situation for citizens of the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Congregation in Sintang,” said Sugeng, regretting the issuance of the letter.

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