The Secret Israeli Files Revealing Massacres of Palestinians. LISTEN

Operation Hiram. Within 30 hours, dozens of villages in the Galilee were conquered.

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Operation Hiram. Within 30 hours, dozens of villages in the Galilee were conquered. Credit: Boris Carmi / Meitar Collection / National Library of Israel

Israeli historian Adam Raz joins the podcast to discuss his explosive report on declassified documents from 1948, showing how Israel’s early leadership grappled with the moral and political questions arising from a series of massacres against Palestinians.

What did the government know in real time, how were the soldiers responsible treated, and why did David Ben-Gurion try to bury the subjectThe conversation starts at time code 17:45.

Earlier on this episode, we hear from Prof. Gisela Dachs on the new government in Germany, sworn in just last week, and what to expect from it regarding Israel and the Middle East. Will new chancellor and Social Democrats leader Olaf Scholz continue Angela Merkel’s strong commitment to Israel’s security, and what do young Germans think about the issue? Listen to her discussion with host Amir Tibon and Haaretz’s visiting fellow from Germany, Kosntantin Nowotny

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