Another Ahmadi murdered in Pakistan. Kamran Ahmad of Peshawar

Another day & another Ahmadi Muslim killed for his faith in Peshawar today.40 yrs old Kamran Ahmad, a husband & a loving father of 3.While Ahmadis continue to suffer in their own country, sadly our state is busy negotiating with terrorists.May God protect all Ahmadis in Pakistan


Naeem A Cheema

13h  · Another Ahmadi young man killed today in Peshawar.Kamran Ahmad 40 killed due to his faith.5th Ahmadi killed in Peshawar in the recent past. Unfortunately Gov. failed to protect the lives of Ahmadies. Condolences and prayers to the family of deceased. This is tragic and so unfortunate. Killing in the name of religion of peace is denying religion and a try to become God instead. Ignorance of State on such brutality makes her an equal partner in such heinous crimes!

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