Indonesia: After the Destruction, Ahmadiyya Mosque in Sintang Escorted by TNI-Polri

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Head of Public Relations of West Kalimantan Police Kombes Donny Charles Go stated that as many as 300 TNI-Polri personnel had secured the location of the destruction of houses of worship belonging to the Ahmadiyya Jama’at Indonesia (JAI) in Sintang Regency. “About 300 personnel are already at the crime scene in keeping it conducive,” Said Donny, Friday, September 3, 2021.

He stated in the incident there were buildings that were damaged and burned by a mob of about 200 people. “There were no fatalities in the incident. For the mosque there is damaged because it was thrown by the mob. While the one that had burned was the building behind the mosque, “said Donny.

He added that currently the police are focused on securing the Ahmadyah Jama’at of 72 people or 20 heads of families and mosque buildings. “The situation is under control, the masses are back,” Donny said.

Previously, the Head of Communication and Informatics Office of Sintang Kurniawan Regency stated that the Sintang Regency Government decided to stop the operational activities of building places of worship permanently belonging to the Ahmadiyya Jama’at Indonesia (JAI) in Balai Harapan Village, Tempunak Subdistrict, Sintang. “The suspension of operational activities of jai’s permanent place of worship buildings is based on the letter of the Regent of Sintang also at the direction of the Governor of West Kalimantan,” kurniawan said.

According to him, the decision was also to maintain security, peace, order and community condusivity in Balai Harapan Village. “So it is also ordered to the adherents or members of JAI to carry out what has been ordered above in any activity and form without the permission of the government,” he said.

He stated that the Sintang Regency Government guarantees freedom to the Ahmadiyya Jama’at indonesia to worship as long as it recognizes Islam, and in accordance with the provisions and decisions of the Minister of Religious Affairs, attorney general, and minister of home affairs Number 3/2008. Then Number: Kep-033/A/JA/6/2008, and Number 199/2008, on Warnings and Orders to Adherents, Members, and/or members of JAI Administrators and Citizens.

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