‘Unfinished problem’: World leaders react to Taliban’s reclaiming of Afghanistan

Source: Dawn

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan has raised alarm at the global level, with world leaders clamouring for the protection of human rights and bringing an end to armed aggression in the war-torn country.

Some sought introspection, terming it a collective failure, while others implored the Taliban to uphold human rights. Yet others held out an olive branch, looking to establish relations with the new regime, whose leaders were ousted from the seat of power around two decades ago.

‘It’s failure of the world’: UK

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan is a “failure of the international community”, Britain’s Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said on Monday, assessing that the West’s intervention was a job only half-done.

“All of us know that Afghanistan is not finished. It’s an unfinished problem for the world and the world needs to help it,” he told BBC television.https://2f0707a5b115f29305d5600993bfd5ea.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

He maintained the 20-year intervention by US-led forces in Afghanistan “wasn’t a waste, it wasn’t for nothing” but accused Western powers of being short-sighted in policy matters.

“If it’s a failure, it’s a failure of the international community to not realise that you don’t fix things overnight,” Reuters quoted him as saying.

“I’m afraid when you deal with a country like Afghanistan, that is 1,000 years of history effectively and civil war, you manage its problems and you might have to manage it for 100 years.”

US ‘defeat’ in Afghanistan a chance for lasting peace: Iran

Iran’s new President Ebrahim Raisi on Monday said that the “defeat” of the United States in Afghanistan must usher in durable peace in the neighbouring, war-wracked country.

“The military defeat and the US withdrawal from Afghanistan should offer an opportunity to restore life, security and lasting peace in that country,” Raisi said, quoted by his office.

The president’s statement, quoted by Reuters, came after the Taliban seized control of Kabul, but it did not mention the Taliban nor the fall of the Afghan capital.

China says ‘ready for friendly relations’ with Taliban

China is ready to deepen “friendly and cooperative” relations with Afghanistan, a government spokeswoman said on Monday, after the Taliban seized control of the country.

“The Taliban have repeatedly expressed their hope to develop good relations with China, and that they look forward to China’s participation in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan,” Reuters quoted foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying as telling reporters.

“We welcome this. China respects the right of the Afghan people to independently determine their own destiny and is willing to continue to develop… friendly and cooperative relations with Afghanistan.”

Hua called on the Taliban to “ensure a smooth transition” of power and keep its promises to negotiate the establishment of an “open and inclusive Islamic government” and ensure the safety of Afghans and foreign citizens.

New Zealand PM ‘implores’ Taliban to uphold human rights

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand on Monday implored Taliban leaders to uphold human rights in Afghanistan by allowing women to continue in work and education and to let foreigners and Afghans who want to leave the country go.

“I would just again implore those who made these moves in recent days to acknowledge what the international community has called for — human rights and the safety of their people,” Ardern said at a news conference in the capital Wellington today.

Taliban takeover of Kabul was ‘unexpected’: Russia

The Kremlin envoy on Afghanistan has said Russia will evacuate some of its embassy staff in Kabul in order not to create too big a presence.

Zamir Kabulov told the Ekho Moskvy radio station that some of roughly 100 Russian embassy staff will be placed on leave or evacuated in some other fashion just in order not to create too big a presence.

Kabulov, according to Reuters, also said that the Taliban’s swift takeover of the Afghan capital was somewhat “unexpected”.

He said Russia was too optimistic in its assessment of the quality of the armed forces trained by the Americans and Nato.

Kabulov said that the Russian ambassador to Afghanistan Dmitry Zhirnov will meet a Taliban representative on Tuesday to discuss security for the diplomatic mission, adding that the outside perimeter of the embassy is already being guarded by the Taliban.

We must focus on rescue mission: German chancellor

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany’s focus must be on its evacuation operation in Afghanistan.

After a meeting with the leaders of her CDU Party, Express.co.uk quoted her as saying: “We are witnessing difficult times. Now we must focus on the rescue mission.”

Meanwhile, the head of German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the withdrawal of Western troops from Afghanistan was the “biggest Nato debacle” since the founding of the alliance.

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  1. What was wrong from the start is that you expected an army, who is trained to destroy, to ‘nation-build’.

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