Trudeau says federal security, tax agencies must do more to end Islamophobia

Source: CP24

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called out federal security and tax agencies during a national summit on Islamophobia, saying they must do more to put an end to anti-Muslim sentiments in Canada.

Speaking to the meeting organized by the government, Trudeau said the public service needed to put those Muslims who have experienced hate at the centre of federal efforts to address the issue.

“From the (Canada Revenue Agency) to security agencies, institutions should support people, not target them,” he said.

He also called on other levels of governments, businesses and individual Canadians to root out Islamophobia and all types of hate and discrimination in society.

But Trudeau had little to say in response to a call from almost 100 Muslim organizations and civil society groups for the Liberals to reform the Canada Revenue Agency’s practices for auditing that they argue unfairly targets Muslim charities.

The groups also asked the government to overturn a recent CRA decision to suspend the ability of Ottawa-based Human Concern International, a long-established Muslim charity, to issue tax receipts.

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