Shehzad Roy thanks PM Imran Khan for personally pursuing Mufti Aziz sexual assault case

If you follow Shehzad Roy, you know that his activism speaks volumes about the importance he places on protecting children in the country.

Recently, he took to social media to share how whenever he spoke to Prime Minister Imran Khan about child protection, he received a positive response.

Thank you Imran Khan for personally pursuing this case,” he wrote on social media alongside a picture of jailed cleric Mufti Azizur Rehman.

“Whenever I have discussed child protection issues with the PM, he has shown a keen interest and soon he will be making a holistic policy and initiate a mass public awareness campaign to address the issue,” he added.

His statement comes days after a student was sexually assaulted by a teacher at a madressah in Lahore. A case against Mufti Azizur Rehman was registered after a video of the assault was shared on social media. He has since been arrested.

The victim said he complained to the madressah administration but they refused to believe him as Rehman was an “elder and a pious man” and instead accused him of giving a false statement.

Following this, many celebrities spoke about children being abused by men purportedly teaching them about religion.

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