Video Collection: Evolution, Guided or Blind, Every Thing You Need to Know?

In just 4-5 hours of interesting videos, you can master the debate that has been brewing, every where since 1859, when Darwin published his famous book:

The following video is only 13 minutes and can deflate much of what Dawkins had to say in 3 hours in the above documentary:

Suggested Reading and viewing by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times, to demystify the debate:

The real issue to solve the dilemma: Evolution, Guided or Blind, is whether a Transcendent being can influence our universe and our planet through the existing quantum physics or not?

If a Transcendent God can do so without breaking our laws of nature and laws of physics, then looking at the beauty and complexity of all life forms and how they give us tremendous insight for tailoring our own technologies, we have to invoke a Creator.

If our universe is a closed system and cannot be influenced from outside and as their is no evidence of God inside it, as God is not visible to our eyes or technologies, then we should believe in blind evolution as presented by Prof. Richard Dawkins.

The end game is our understanding and interpretation of quantum physics.

With this preamble please watch the debates below:

We have saved some of the above videos in the Muslim Times to ensure their longevity:

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