Sherpa retrieve body of deceased Swiss Climber from highest point of ‘Death Zone’ in Everest

ANIWed, 2 June, 2021

Representative Image
Representative Image

Kathmandu [Nepal], June 2 (ANI): Body of Swiss Climber Abdul Waraich, who died above 8,000 meters on Mount Everest which also is known as the “Death Zone” of the world’s highest peak, has been retrieved and brought back to Kathmandu.

A group of 10 trained Sherpa Climbers retrieved the body of Waraich from an altitude above 8,650 meters on Mount Everest and brought it back to Camp II on Wednesday morning which later in the day was brought to Kathmandu.

“This is the first-ever recovery of climber’s body from the highest point of death zone,” Mingma Sherpa, Chairman at Seven Summit Treks confirmed ANI over the phone.

According to Sherpa, Waraich died on his way down from the summit earlier on May 12 due to exhaustion as he climbed down from the summit.

“The body was retrieved earlier his morning by a group of 10 experienced climbers up to Camp II, then it was brought down to Lukla and flown to capital Kathmandu. The body will undergo postmortem and then would be handed over to the Embassy,” Mingma added.

Body of Waraich was taken to morgue of Teaching Hospital in Nepali capital Kathmandu for postmortem. Earlier, the body of American climber Puwei Liu was pulled off from Camp IV and was airlifted to Kathmandu three days ago.

As the season ends, Mt Everest recorded four deaths – two foreigners and two sherpas -in the season. (ANI)

source Sherpa retrieve body of deceased Swiss Climber from highest point of ‘Death Zone’ in Everest (

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