Afghan Guerrilla Warfare: In the Words of the Mjuahideen Fighters (Zenith Military Classics)

BOOK REVIEW – Paperback

by Ali Ahmad Jalali (Author)

When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, few experts believed the fledgling Mujahideen resistance movement had a chance of withstanding the modern, mechanized onslaught of the Soviet Army. But somehow, the Mujahideen prevailed against a larger and decisively better equipped foe. No one predicted the Soviet Union would withdraw in defeat in 1989.

With more than 100 first-hand reports from Mujahideen combat veterans and maps illustrating locations and disposition of forces, this book is a tactical look at a decentralized army of foot-mobile guerrillas as they wage war against a superior force. Learn about Mujahideen ambushes, raids, shelling attacks, fights against heliborne insertions, attacks on Soviet strong points, and urban combat in this rare look at the Soviet-Afghan conflict.

source Afghan Guerrilla Warfare: In the Words of the Mjuahideen Fighters (Zenith Military Classics): Jalali, Ali Ahmad: 9780760313220: Books

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  1. I was in Afghanistan in the good old Royal Days, before all that trouble.

    Actually, whenever I left a country it went downhill. Pakistan was ok during Field Marshall Ayub Khan, when I was there. So was Nigeria during the early days of the oil boom. And Thailand during the time of the father of the present King.

    Ah well, not my fault …

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