Construction of Ahmadiyya Mosque halted in Java, Indonesia.

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The regent is alleged to have pressured Ahmadiyya members to stop the construction of their mosque in Kampung Nyalindung Village, Ngamplang Village, Garut Regency, West Java.

The statement was delivered by the Chairman of the Regional Representative Council (DPD) Jemaah Ahmadiyah Garut, Rahmat Syukur Maskawan. According to him, the pressure was carried out through a circular to stop the construction of the mosque issued by the Regent of Garut Rudy Gunawan on Thursday (6/5).

“The Regent of Garut committed discriminatory and unconstitutional actions by issuing a Circular Banning The Activities of The Ahmadiyya Community of Indonesia and the Cessation of Activities for the Construction of Places of Worship of the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Community in Nyalindung Village,” Rahmat said in his statement, Thursday (6/5).

see full article here in Indonesian: Bupati Setop Pembangunan Masjid Ahmadiyah di Garut (

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