Women of Faith Gather for a Peace Symposium 

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Auxiliary of Atlantic Canada Region held an Interfaith Symposium at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Parish Church in Sydney, Nova Scotia on April 10, 2021. Amidst essential isolation due to COVID 19, the symposium was a fresh breeze of air.

The topic of the symposium was ‘My Faith’s Contribution to World Peace” the core message of all religions.

The program was moderated by Dr Sheira Haq, a practising physician in Sydney, Nova Scotia and the president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association of Atlantic region chapter.

The speakers from various faiths enlightened the audience with their knowledge and their scriptural point of view.

Margie Gillis spoke on Christian perspective followed by Harman Singh who represented Sikh religion. Nadia Hammad Asim gave the Islamic perspective followed by Yvonne Meunier who shared Mi’kmaq’s contributions to world peace. Pushpa Rathore and Catherine Moir shared contributions of Hindu and Buddhist religion.   

Honourable Mayor Amanda McDougall attended the event and in her address admired the efforts of AMWA to bring all faith groups together to discuss the world peace. 

Honourable Mayor Amanda McDougall, Sydney Nova Scotia

This was a women-only event and 50 women attended the event. Among them were: 

Gerry Condon who noted: “I realize we have more commonalities than difference and thanks for providing the opportunity” 

Michele Landry wrote: “Community is enriched today” 

Lynette Sampson commented: ‘It was wonderful to hear the speakers and interact with each other’ 

Sharon Unsworth remarked: ‘I have gained better insight and respect for religion’ 

Brenda Skinner, Darlene Denison  and Dr Sughra Yasmeen  spoke of the symposium as informative, educative and positive.

The regional president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association thanked the audience for enriching the event by their participation. Gifts were presented to speakers as well as volunteers for making the event a success.

There was a book exhibition on the venue with many books free of cost. 

The program ended with Meet & Greet over complimentary refreshments 

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