Oh Allah! Why do Islamic radicals want to kill your children in your name?

Savio Rodrigues

source Oh Allah! Why do Islamic radicals want to kill your children in your name? – Goa Chronicle

I woke up this morning to a horrific video of young Muslim children marching on a street in India holding a poster of Narsinghanand Saraswati demanding his beheading.

The poster states ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ meaning separate the head from the body.

The demand for Narsinghanand Saraswati beheading came from Muslim clerics after he criticized Islam and its beliefs.

Such hate being inculcated in young Muslim children is sick and condemnable.

God is God.

The Muslims call their understanding of God – Allah.

Allah, if I were to view from an Islamic theology perspective, is the creator of the creation we see around us.

Other religions will not term God as Allah. People of different faith have a different name for God. But the creator of creation we see around us.

I have during my growing up years in the Middle East read the Quran, academically, to gain some basic knowledge about Islam and the Islamic people.

I have even visited a mosque with my Muslim friends in UAE and India in order to understand their religious customs and beliefs.

These were my Islamic friends from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Jordan, and of course India. I have not known these friends to be fanatics or staunchly fundamentalists.

In fact one of my closest friends in the Islamic world and whom I treat as an elder sister is from Saudi Arabia. She is related to a prominent Saudi citizen who is a political force. I do not know her to be a fanatic.

Most Muslims like Christians are fiercely protective of their religious beliefs and also aggressively work towards proselytizing people of different religious faiths to the Islamic faith.

Being fiercely protective of one’s religious beliefs does not give any Muslim the right to kill people of different faiths if people do not agree with the Islamic beliefs or academically question Islamic beliefs.

India is witnessing a very deviant form of Islamic radicalization.

This is a demonic form of Islam being taught with extreme hate and violence is also being witnessed in Europe. The rise in crimes against Europeans by Islamic radicals

The world is opening its eyes to the horrific truth of Islamic radicalization and its threat to the global social sphere.

Such is the disturbing fact of Islamic radicalization, that most educated Muslims who could reason out, some of the insanities being propagated under the banner of Islam and Islamic form of justice have decided to remain silent or become propagators of the Islamic radical form of hate and anger.

When young children not even in their teens walk the streets of India demanding the beheading of a Hindu priest because he questioned their Islamic beliefs it is clearly a sign that this hate and violence being fed to the young Muslim minds is the venom that is aimed at destroying India and most importantly Muslims.

The hate Islamic radicals fill their children with is the hate that will come to haunt the Muslim community in the future. They think they are doing it under the guise of protecting their religious beliefs but they are not; they are simply poising young minds and training them to be Jihadists.

Hate eventually is hate and it spreads. And when it spreads it knows no family or friends or even community. It acts like a virus, it destroys all in its path.

Islamic radicals want to spread their idea of Islamic control around the world. They want people of other religions to convert to Islam or be silent towards Islamic radicalization.

In India, Islamic radicals’ prime objective is to attack Hindus and Christians through their nefarious anti-Islamic faith plans, spread hate, and terror. But most importantly, indoctrinate the young Muslim minds against the nation. Teaching young Indian Muslims to hate India – their motherland – is the main mission. Turning Indian-Muslims against India and Indians is the game plan.

To the rest of the world, they behave like victims of violence when in actuality they are seeding young minds with violence that eventually leads to violence.

Most terrorists in the world are people who have been indoctrinated through the extreme Islamic radicalization process. Most terrorists are highly educated individuals, yet their minds were filled with hate because of their ingrained extreme religious beliefs.

In the eyes of God, we are all children of God. I am certain that God too sees all creation as creation and does not discriminate.

A true Muslim will not hate another creation of God, even if that creation does not call God – Allah. A true Muslim who believes in Allah will not behead out of a strange notion of doing Allah’s work.

I have come across many good Muslims in my life around the world. They need to stand up against such hate and violence. There is a need for reforms in Islam. This preaching of hate and violence cannot be allowed to continue. India and other nations must rise against this form of religion-based terror.

That’s why I wonder. Oh, Allah! Why do Islamic radicals kill your children in your name?

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