BOOK RECOMMENDATION: The Outset of Dissension in Islam

by Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih II(ra)

This is a lecture delivered by Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad(ra), second Successor of the Promised Messiah(as). The primary purpose of this lecture was to provide a correct and accurate historical account of the conflicts which arose most prominently during the Khilafat of Hazrat Uthman(ra).

In this lecture, Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad(ra) has shed light on the life of Hazrat Uthman(ra), his piety and righteousness, and his status in the eyes of the Holy Prophet(sa). Moreover, he has expounded upon the virtues of the companions of the Holy Prophet(sa) and has explained how conflicts actually arose in the early period of Islam. Moreover, he has refuted various allegations levelled against the person of Hazrat Uthman(ra) and his companions.

The lecture is an academic masterpiece of scholarship and explains the events of the era of the third Khilafat in a manner that no other historian has been able to match, be it Muslim or non-Muslim; all this is done in an an eloquent, academic, yet simple manner, in the form of an interesting narrative.

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Table of Contents
1. Copyright
2. An Important Note
3. About the Author
4. Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad
5. Foreword
6. Necessity of Being Familiar with Islamic History
7. Importance of the Subject
8. Magnificent Past of Islam
9. First Devotees of Islam: Hazrat Uthman and Hazrat Ali
10. False Narrations of Non-Muslim Historians
11. Companions were not the Real Cause of the Disorders in Islam
12. Why Dissension Emerged in the Era of the Third Khalifah?
13. An Introduction to Hazrat Uthman
14. Status of Hazrat Uthman in the Eyes of the Holy Prophet
15. What Gave Rise to the Conflict?
16. Four Reasons for Conflict
17. The Islamic Khilafat was a Religious Administration
18. Thinking Ill of the Companions is Without Reason
19. Why did Conflict Arise in the Era of Hazrat Uthman?
20. Appointment of Abu Musa Al-Ashari as the Governor of Kufah
21. Conspiracies of the Rebels Exposed
22. Obedience to the Ruler of the Time is Necessary
23. Another Conspiracy of the Mischief-Makers
24. Hazrat Uthman Summons the Mischief-Makers
25. Hazrat Uthman Clears Himself of All Charges
26. Hazrat Uthman Shows Mercy Towards the Mischief-Makers
27. Another Grave Conspiracy by the Mischief-Makers
28. Arrival of the Mischief-Makers in Madinah
29. The Rebels of Egypt Approach Hazrat Ali
30. The Rebels of Kufah Approach Hazrat Zubair
31. The Rebels of Basrah Approach Hazrat Talhah
32. Appointment of Muhammad Bin Abi Bakr as the Governor of Egypt
33. Reality Behind Conflicting Narrations
34. A Golden Principle for the Verification of History
35. Exoneration of Hazrat Uthman and the Other Companions
36. The Rebels Enter Madinah Again
37. The People of Madinah Advise the Rebels
38. The Rebels Take Control of Medinah
39. The Most Prominent Companions Ask the Rebels the Reason for Their Return
40. Hazrat Uthman Clears Himself of the Allegations Levelled by the Rebels
41. Reality Behind the Rebel Scheme
42. Seven Arguments in Support of the ‘Letter Conspiracy’
43. Cruelties of the Rebels Upon the People of Madinah
44. Hazrat Uthman Admonishes the Rebels
45. The Rebels Break the Staff of The Holy Prophet
46. The Rebels Pelt Stones at Masjid-E-Nabawi and Injure Hazrat Uthman
47. Willingness of the Companions to Fight the Rebels
48. Three Major Supporters of the Rebels in Madinah
49. Hazrat Uthman is Asked to Step Down from Khilafat
50. The House of Hazrat Uthman Besieged
51. Hazrat Ali Admonishes the Besiegers
52. Treatment of the Rebels Towards Hazrat Ummi Habibah
53. An Example of the Religious Indignation of Hazrat Ummi Habibah
54. Hazrat Aishah Prepares for Hajj
55. Hazrat Uthman Sends a Circular to the Provincial Governors
56. A Letter to the Pilgrims from Hazrat Uthaman
57. The Rebels Pelt Stones at the House of Hazrat Uthman
58. Worthy Efforts of the Companions in Suppressing the Disorder
59. The Rebels Attack the House of Hazrat Uthman
60. Hazrat Uthman Orders the Companions
61. Anxiety of the Rebels Upon the Return of the Pilgrims
62. The Companions Fight the Rebels
63. Abdullah Bin Salam Admonishes the Rebels
64. The Rebels Assassinate Hazrat Uthman
65. Events Leading Up to the Martyrdom of Hazrat Uthman
66. The Rebels Loot Baitul-Mal
67. Outrage of the Companions at the Martyrdom of Hazrat Uthman
68. Summary and Outcome of the Events Described
69. Glossary


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