Covid-19 Variant Vaccine From Moderna Begins Human Testing


Every human life is precious and sacred. One who saves a life it is as if he or she has saved the whole of humanity. (Al Quran 5:32/33)

Source: WSJ

Testing will evaluate whether a new shot from the biotech will better target a strain first identified in South Africa

Moderna Inc. said Wednesday that the first study volunteers have received modified Covid-19 vaccines designed to better target a more contagious variant of the coronavirus, marking a milestone in the race to stay ahead of the shifting pathogen.

The Cambridge, Mass., company, which has one of the Covid-19 vaccines widely in use, plans to enroll 60 people to test the new shot.

The subjects had previously received the standard two doses of Moderna’s original shot as part of a mid-stage study that began last year. In the new portion of the study, these adult volunteers will receive a booster shot containing Moderna’s modified vaccine, code-named mRNA-1273.351.

Moderna designed the modified shot to better target a highly transmissible strain of the virus that was first identified in South Africa and has spread elsewhere.

Some subjects will receive the variant vaccine alone in the mid-stage, or Phase 2, study, while others will get a single shot, code-named mRNA-1273.211, containing both the variant and original vaccines.

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