Akbar Ali, a Pakistani Ahmadi-Muslim, died in jail

Akbar Ali, a Pakistani Ahmadi Muslim who was jailed last year under Pakistan’s anti-Ahmadi laws for the mere crime of reading the Quran just passed away in prison today. May his soul Rest In Peace and may God grant patience to his grieving family.

A Muslim in Israel, India or the US jailed for reading the Quran & then dying in captivity would rightly spark an international outrage. Then why is Pakistan held to a lesser standard? Why is there no international outcry? And to each Pakistani Sunni or Shia reading this and chosing silence and indifference over condemnation or protest (in whatever way or form), I blame you for this apartheid. Akbar Ali’s blood is on your hands. These apartheid laws exist in your name and your silence keeps them in place. I pray that your kids grow to have the integrity and compassion that you lack.

source Facebook Kashif N Chaudhry

3 replies

  1. This is so crazy, difficult to explain to anyone. Only Pakistanis will understand.


  2. The day is not far when Pakistan will become a hub of civil war between Islamic majority and minority! The number of crimes against minorities increasing on ground level is a clear warning to the Imran Khan government!

  3. As mentioned, this insane incidence can ONLY make sense to the ‘Islamic’ country of Pakistan!!

    These mullahistic holloi polloi of Pakistan should be proud of the fact that a supposed ‘non-Muslim’ (according to their weird logic), was reading the Holy Qur’an.

    If they would ONLY use their brains, how else would somebody ‘find’ Islam, if s/he did not read the main and most important revelation to the world…?!

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