Bangladesh: Ahmadiyya Medical Centre opens in Panchagarh

Staff Correspondent | Published: 14:16, Feb 15,2021

Ahmadiyya Medical Centre has been inaugurated in Panchagarh on Sunday, said a press release.

Abdul Awwal Khan Chowdhury Sahib, the National Amir of Bangladesh, inaugurated the medical centre as the chief guest.

Former director general of Bangladesh postal department Mubassher-Ur-Rahman, Panchagarh Benghari Union chairman Abul Kalam Azad, councillor of Dhakkamara 7th Ward Saidul Islam, and local dignitaries including Atahar Ahmad Sohag, Monirul Islam Manik , Rebecca Sultana, president of Ahmadnagar and Shalshiri Jama’at and freedom fighter Nasir Ahmed Sahib were present among others.

There was a reception for everyone present at the event.


4 replies

  1. Interesting that you post this article and not favourable articles about the Ahmadiyya when they occur in Israel where they live as valuable citizens not molested fully accepted in the same way as Jews!

    Even in Arabic areas where the Ahmadiyyas are despised your lips are sealed!

    This is blatant antisemitism and antiIsrael
    I looked forward to the day when the Palestinians dear God have a state!

    Disaster for the world in all areas such as medicine science etc if they are absorbed into one state!

    • We fully appreciate Israel’s treatment of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. I take your hint and will look out for some News from there.

      Please save me from the anti-Semitism stuff, I agree that I am complaining about the lack of justice of the Israeli state. I consider anti-Semitism to be anti Jewish, and that I am not.

      Well, about Palestine to have a state you should lobby a bit more with the Israeli Government. Because if you do not then the only thing left is the one state solution. Equal rights for all will need to come sooner or later in that case.

    • Regarding Arabic areas … When a police officer was tasked in Jordan to tell the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community there that they could not hold their regular Jumma prayers he sort of explained ‘we cannot afford to support someone whom the Saudis do not like’ (who give us so much cash, and we cannot afford that cash to cease coming). Ah well … cash talks…

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