Alleged killer of Peshawar homeo doctor remanded in police custody

PESHAWAR: A local court handed over an accused to the police on a three-day remand after he allegedly shot dead a homeopathic doctor hailing from Ahmadiyya community in Bazidkhel village.

“The accused Ihsanullah , 20, was arrested by the locals after he opened fire in a clinic in Bazidkhel. A homeopathic doctor Abdul Qadir, 65, was killed in the firing,” Superintendent ofPolice (SP) Saddar Waqar Ahmad said.

He added that the accused was arrested immediately by the people present in the clinic while the deceased was taken to hospital in critically wounded condition. He died before he could reach hospital.

Police have lodged a case on the complaint of Dr Ibne Amin, a cousin of the deceased. It was learnt that the deceased was a cousin and assistant of Ibne Amin. “I went out of the clinic to take a call when I heard the firing. When I came back, Abdul Qadir had been wounded after being shot by the accused Ihsanullah,” the complainant told the police in the FIR. The accused is said to be a boy from Khyber district. It is being investigated as to who tasked him to kill the deceased or his cousin. Before the incident, four other incidents were reported in Peshawar in the last many months in which Ahmadiyya members were targetted.


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  1. This is Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan. Pakistan uses unethical strategies to victimize its minority Ahmadis. The government hides behind the black drapes worn by terrorists as it plans malicious ways to terrorize the whole world.

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