Trump has finally demystified Martial Law for the third world countries

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By Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

I was born in Pakistan in 1961. In my life time I have seen four generals of Pakistan army enforce Martial Law for extended periods of time. For all Pakistani background those are household names, but for others to Google them and know them in some detail let me make a list:

General Muhammad Ayub Khan

General Yahya Khan

General Zia ul Haq

General Pervez Musharaf

I could not find their pictures with a crown so perhaps Trump’s picture with a crown may well represent them.

We always wondered why this happens in Pakistan but does not happen in USA and other Western countries.  What is this mystery?

Finally Trump has solved the mystery for everyone in the world.

Those who followed the news of USA since its election in early November 2020, witnessed that Trump used every legal and illegal mean available to him to steal the election after losing it.  He had in fact started publically laying out the nefarious plan even during the election campaign rallies.

Former national security advisor of Ex. President Trump, General Michael Flynn said in middle of December that President Donald Trump should impose martial law to overturn the results of the 2020 US election. Specifically, Flynn told the pro-Trump network Newsmax that the president should deploy the military to “rerun an election” in battleground states that he lost to President Joe Biden. The former national security advisor, who was pardoned by Trump, a few days before, made a similar suggestion earlier in December when he shared a message calling on the president to deploy the military for a “national re-vote.”[1]

There was some debate in the country regarding the nefarious possibility of Martial Law: Heated Oval Office meeting included talk of special counsel, martial law as Trump advisers clash.

So, why did not Trump introduce Martial Law. Because he could not.  If the USA military and the sixteen intelligence agencies were vulnerable to that Trump would have done it and destroyed the most successful democratic experiment in human history, more than 240 years in making.

The moral of the story is simple if the national military or part of it with outside help can launch a successful coup, they always will.

Even before the election and definitely after the election the USA military spoke of peaceful transition: As Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transition, Pentagon stresses it will play no role in the election.

All 10 living former U.S. defense secretaries called for a peaceful transition of power this month and warned that any effort to involve the military in resolving election disputes “would take us into dangerous, unlawful and unconstitutional territory.

Signers included James Mattis, who resigned as Trump’s defense secretary in 2018, and Mark Esper, whom Trump fired in a tweet in November.[2]

The militaries of every sovereign countries should analyze what prevented the USA armed forces from arranging Martial Law. What were the checks and balances that prevented that from happening? I am no military expert so I dare not touch the delicate balance between the different intelligence and armed agencies.

One thing is obvious, unlike the animals where brute force is always right, for humans there is a degree of complexity; often right is might but not infrequently jungle law prevails and might is right, if some narcissist decides to enforce it and succeeds.

So having an honest judiciary and public opinion that wants to support justice are very powerful ingredients for the 240 years successful history of America.

May God bless United States of America for generations to come! Ameen.




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  1. If I may say so: I lived in worked in Pakistan from 1965 to 1969 during the rule of Field Marshall Ayub Khan. I think that was probably the best time of Pakistan, whether any of the other military dictatorships or the so-called democratically elected guys…

  2. To claim “that Trump used every legal and illegal mean available to him to steal the election after losing it” borders on cognitive dissonance to express it with a positive connotation. I thought to be an Ahmadi-Muslim compels to stricty adhere to truth and nothing but the truth. If so, it cannot be avoided to recognize, that there exist far too many and well-founded arguments against above view, even without bothering Paul Valery’s: “That which has always been accepted by everyone, everywhere is almost certain to be false”, while here “everyone” is to mean contemporary MSM.

    As an investigative start a seeker for the truth may, perhaps, want to share a thought (or two, or three) with Paul Craig Roberts views on the matter:

    Basing one’s world-view upon whatever is presented by the MSM cannot be prohibited, of course, but whether such “knowledge” may advance one’s quest for truth and all the other upper echelons of spiritual progress must be challenged nevertheless.

  3. @catch22
    Yes. Being an Ahmadi Muslim means to stand with the truth. A habitual liar is not the one I would support. A guy who lied every day of his life has no credibility. Good riddance.
    PS: I am sure you are one of those who think COVID is a hoax no one is dying.

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