A study into the Laws of Nature and its Manifestations

It was hard to make a study on religion especially to prove a religious theory through science. Having been attached to religion for about 50 years and finding many questions un-answered some appearing contrary to science or mathematics. But it made me more curious and I was ready to put more efforts and time to find logic behind opinions and varying thoughts surrounding me.
My two trips abroad helped me know that people in advanced countries (both the educated and un-uneducated class) were demanding logic even on existence of God besides having too little interest in religion of their own, what to talk of other issues.

The first challenge was to come out of the shell and think beyond the theories put up to me for 5 decades. Finding logic was the Spirit on whose back I was now riding and it kept me moving ahead apparently with no direction but then the Lord God, during my daily study in a Holy Book privately revealed to me (not through a heavenly revelation) something very important which appeared as a base of the study I wanted to make. Surprisingly it was just one word which answered many questions and solved a number of queries. In Arabic, as you know, one word could have depth of an ocean.

Holding that tiny torch I thought I could run but then putting together the supporting material from different quarters and make an article which could elaborately explain some myths or answer hard questions was a difficult task for a person like me who was so poor at English and no academic background in science. Though I feel I was running towards the goal but my job and peculiar chauffeuristic life of a husband here in the third world were big hurdles and served as speed breakers.

Admittedly a poor show but I succeeded to bring out an article ‘A Study into the Laws of Nature and its Manifestations’ in about 10 years’ time. This study, as I tried for, facilitated looking into religion through science; how Physics and Meta-Physics coordinated in the Heavens and Earth, within us and all around us.

It could be helpful for the beginners but it may also open the doors for further study and some scientific advancement in the coming days. It also answered a couple of serious questions on the basis of which most of the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews differed. This appeared to me as an achievement because I never happened to see such a study earlier despite having close relations with the cleric and reputed scholars.

I wished the science students find a direction of further research in Two Elements Theory and we may be able to contribute to the mankind from this basic information; link given hereunder:


Majeed Ahmad Mubarak

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