Nashville Christmas Bomber believed in “lizard people” conspiracy theory that celebrities such as the Obamas are lizards with alien origins

Nashville explosion: Police probe conspiracy theory motive

This undated image posted on social media by the FBI shows Anthony Quinn Warner. Federal officials now turn to exploring the monumental task of piecing together the motive behind the Christmas Day explosion that severely damaged dozens of buildings and injured three in downtown Nashville, Tenn. While officials have named 63-year-old Warner as the man behind the mysterious explosion in which he was killed, the motive has remained elusive. (Courtesy of FBI via AP). The Muslim Times has the best collection for counter terrorism

Source: BBC

US investigators are trying to determine whether conspiracy theories motivated the suspect in the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville.

Police are trying to figure out why Anthony Quinn Warner detonated a bomb that killed himself and injured three others.

The suspect is said to have expressed support for unfounded theories and would camp out to hunt aliens.

Police are also probing whether he believed 5G conspiracy theories.

The 63-year-old’s criminal record only consisted of an 1978 marijuana-related charge.

The suspect had reportedly made statements about a “lizard people” conspiracy theory which claims politicians and celebrities such as Justin Bieber and the Obamas are lizards with alien origins which are now taking over the world.

The line of inquiry was reported by NBC, citing unnamed investigators, as well as the Associated Press,

On Christmas Day, a van blew up outside a building belonging to the telecoms giant AT&T, disrupting communications systems in Tennessee and four other states.

Warner, who worked in IT, was the only person killed in the blast.

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