Biden’s win-over: What entails Jordan?

Dec 24,2020 – JORDAN TIMES – Asmaa Al Twaissi

Through Trump’s presidency phase, Jordan had been facing enormous pressures causing political tension in the American-Jordanian relations, particularly those with regard to dealing with the Palestinian case, to imposing the Deal of the Century on the region as a substitute to end the solution of the two-state and halting funds to UNRWA.

As Jordanians have recently tracked the American presidential elections with high concern, they were putting high hopes on Joe Biden to adjust a new turning point in the relations between Amman and Washington and to overpower most of Trump’s plans towards the MENA region.

I truly assert that Biden still holds the two-state solution. Moreover, he relatively opposes the US Peace Plan and refuses unilateral Israeli steps. For that, he has explicitly announced his objection to the Deal of the Century and Israeli policies and practices towards settlements’ expansion.

Once elected as president, Biden has emphasised his intention to reopen dialogue with Palestinians in a step that would naturally decrease Jordan’s burdens to some extent, if compared with his opponent Trump.

We really look forward towards president elect to show some positive inputs towards the region’s issues that may assist in lowering tension and may help motivate actions to achieve mutual goals of peace, stability and prosperity.

On another aspect, it is worth mentioning that Biden’s status and policies would not be against the Israeli regime; in the context that he would not put pressure on the Zionist entity. Consequently, we do not have to fly further with our hopes on Biden, though he may be able to block The Deal of the Century.

Upon winning the elections, Biden has generally placed down positive indicators towards Jordan. In fact, relations with Amman might improve during his rule; however, we need to observe the scene.

Asmaa Al Twaissi is a former adviser to youth minister and a youth affairs specialist. She contributed this article to The Jordan Times


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