One Republican board member suggests he will certify Michigan votes

From CNN’s Annie Grayer

One of the two Republican members of the Michigan Board of State Canvassers signaled that he will certify the election results.

In his first public comments since the election, Aaron Van Langevelde gave a strong signal that he will vote to certify. “I think we are pretty limited today. I think we have a duty to do this,” Van Langevelde said.

Should Langevelde vote yes, along with the two Democrats on the committee, the Michigan results will be certified – a step that would formally grant President-elect Joe Biden the state’s 16 electoral votes.

The other Republican on the committee, Norman Shinkle, is expected to vote against certifying the results, based on comments he has made in recent days.

However, Langevelde pushed to first open up the meeting to public comments before voting. 

That comment period had now started and it is not clear how many of the hundreds of potential commentators will be allowed to speak before a vote.

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