Teenage boy guns down Ahmadi doctor, injures 3 others at their home in Nankana

Source: Dawn

The teenage attacker allegedly opened fire on the family due to religious differences. — AFP/File
A doctor belonging to the Ahmadi community was shot dead while his father and two uncles were injured when a teenage boy opened fire on them in their home in Punjab’s Nankana Sahib district on Friday.
Police said the Ahmadi family were offering prayers on Friday afternoon at their house in Murh Balochan area of Nankana when they heard a knock on the door.
One of the family members, Dr Tahir Mahmood, 31, went to open the door where a teenage boy carrying a pistol opened fire on him.
According to police, the victim suffered bullet wounds and fell on the ground, while his family members rushed to the door on hearing the gunshots.


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  1. Though brother Rafiq posted the news but now it is carried by a renowned Pakistani news paper also as such please do not mind repetition.
    “Ahmadis were declared non-Muslims in Pakistan through a constitutional amendment passed on September 7, 1974, during the tenure of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto”Aforementioned is a typical sentence always mentioned whenever atrocities are committed against Ahmadiyya Community members. Regrettably even renowned newspapers also forget to mention Zia Ordinance of 1984 and subsequent cruel laws made against Ahmadi community.In fact Zia Ordinance and subsequent amendments have further fueled the hatred against Ahmadiyya Community.Now in this incident the initial confession mentioned by the killer is “religious differences”  People are confined in their home.  Someone knocks the door and when the door is opened you hear firing and the occupant of the home is killed. Others who rush to see what happens also get fired upon and get seriously injured. Such incidents against Ahmadi members have now become a frequent phenomenon. Spiral trend in these events is merely due to negligence shown by the state to persecute the culprits. It looks like Ahmadiyya Community members are like those birds which can be hunted by any hunter. Killer of Salma Taseer got executed but the killer of Ahmadi has yet to get any exemplary punishment.Current PM Mr IK talks of Medina State. But what atrocities of human rights are committed   under his nose he is not bothered. To get back the land piece of his brother in law he can bring in the effective CCPO for Lahore but what injustices are done to innocent Ahmadis citizens of Pakistan he is not bothered. Even one has yet to see any suo moto action taken for Ahmadiyya cause by the judiciary of Pakistan.Ensuring absolute justice for all the citizens is the guarantee for the survival of any nation and country. Ahmadis are legitimate citizens of Pakistan and urgently need absolute justice to enjoy a respectable living in their motherland. Is there anybody in the country who can raise voice on this issue and can force the state and judiciary to ensure justice for Ahmadis?

  2. Ahmadis are considered non-Muslims by many mainstream Muslims in Pakistan & never considered them as equal & often face discrimination. They are in minority in Pakistan & are subjected to state violence by Pakistan Police, Army & the third arm of Pakistani government- the ISI- against these innocent Ahmadis who were demanding equal rights as other Pakistani Citizens. In some cases, there Mosques where are also attacked. Pakistan’s Puppet Imran Khan government has trampled every human right against the Ahmadis. Why Muslim nation & other Countries as well as United Nation are silent on Human Rights violation done by Pakistan govt. on Ahmadis? In Pakistan since Childhood children’s are teach that Religious minorities – Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Shias , Ahmadis as well as Hazara Community in Quetta, Baluchistan, Sindhi’s & Pashtun’s are Kafir’s ( Enemy) . Pakistan not only is violating the human rights in its own country by killing its own citizens but also violates human rights by sponsoring & funding the terrorism in other neighboring countries.

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