Legal Avenues Closing As Trump Lawsuits Meet With Defeat Or Dead Ends

Source: NPR

President Trump’s legal challenges to the election met with a series of defeats and setbacks on Friday as judges found the Trump campaign’s arguments and evidence that there was widespread fraud and irregularities with the vote to be lacking.

An appeals court in Pennsylvania rejected an objection by Trump’s lawyers to practices involving mailed ballots; a Michigan judge threw out claims made by the campaign as “incorrect and not credible.

In a case in Arizona, where Democrat Joe Biden holds a slender lead over Trump, the president’s lawyers admitted the judge no longer needed to weigh in because “the tabulation of votes statewide has rendered unnecessary a judicial ruling as to the presidential electors.”

“Trump’s legal strategy seems to be aimed at denying the inevitable,” said Marc Elias, the top Democratic election lawyer, during a call with reporters Friday.

Trump’s efforts haven’t been defeated in every single case, but even victories don’t seem likely to turn the tide. In Pennsylvania on Thursday, a judge ordered that the state could not count ballots that had been set aside because they had been cast under a policy changing the relevant deadline. However, the number of ballots isn’t sufficient to change the outcome of the election.

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  1. (CNN)Two judges in Pennsylvania on Friday tossed a half dozen court cases the Trump campaign had brought to invalidate thousands of votes around Philadelphia, where voters carried President-elect Joe Biden to a clear win in the battleground state.

    In total, the Trump campaign had sought to throw out almost 9,000 absentee ballots because their outer envelopes lack names, dates or addresses or some combination of the three that voters could have filled out.
    Michigan judge rejects demand to block certification of Biden win in Detroit and debunks fraud claims
    Michigan judge rejects demand to block certification of Biden win in Detroit and debunks fraud claims
    In five related cases, Judge James Crumlish of Philadelphia County’s Court of Common Pleas said the Trump campaign couldn’t invalidate 8,329 ballots it alleged were improper. The judge ruled those ballots should be processed and counted.
    In another case, the President’s campaign sought for the Montgomery County Board of Elections to throw out 592 mail-in ballots where voters hadn’t filled out their addresses on the outside envelopes. Those ballots will be counted, the second judge, Richard Haaz of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, ruled on Friday.

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