CNN: If Biden Wins More than 60% of Outstanding Pennsylvania Ballots, He is the Next President

Joe Biden is getting 78% of the mail in ballots being counted today in PA and all he needs is 60% of the left over ballots to be the next President.

At 8.20 PM Trump’s lead in PA was 63000 and there were 250,000 outstanding ballots

At 8.26 PM now PA lead of President Trump is 58,000 and Biden continues to get 78% or more of the count

At 9.10 the lead is 49,000 and Biden continues to get 78% or more of the count

35,000 votes in Alleghany County which includes Pittsburgh cannot be counted till tomorrow. 7000 of these can begin the count at 9 AM.

In Georgia at this time Trump’s lead is 3500 and there are about 19000 outstanding mail in ballots and also 35,000 provisional ballots to be counted

At 9.00 PM the lead is 2500 in Georgia

In Arizona Biden’s lead is diminishing

9.40 PM 11/5/2020

PA Trump lead is 42,000

Georgia lead of Trump is 1900

Arizona Biden lead is 46000

Nevada Biden lead is 11000

10.00 PM

Georgia Trump lead now is 1800

10.45 PM

Trump’s lead now is 26,319 in PA

3.45 AM 11/6/2020

GA lead of Trump now is 473

PA lead of Trump now is 18,000

Here’s where things stand in Pennsylvania as counting continues at 7.00 AM 11/6/2020

From CNN’s Aditi Sangal

With about 95% of its votes reported, Pennsylvania is still counting ballots.“We are expecting to get numbers anytime now,” CNN’s Kate Bolduan said.

In Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania’s largest county, about 50,000 votes mail-in votes are still to be counted, according to Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt.

Lead of Trump now is 18,000 and all together there are 163,000 mail in votes to be counted and additional 35-50,000 provisional ballots

It would not be surprising if counting wrapped up in the county “at some point today, if not even this morning,” Bolduan said. “One person involved that we’ve spoken with quite a bit said, as of last night, they’re calling it a full-court press to get this done.”

In Bucks County, the most competitive of the suburban counties outside of Philadelphia, the race has been tight with about 95% of votes reported.

“A note from a Bucks County official yesterday was that they’ve been tracking the mail-in ballots that are coming in. They have trended to be about 77% for Joe Biden,” Bolduan added.

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