100 Million Voters Already Voted Before the Election Day in USA

Suggested Reading by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times:

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David Axelrod said on CNN that when President Trump has only 40-45% approval of his job this avalanche of early voting cannot be endorsement of his leadership.

Trump’s dangerous praise for Texas bus incident

Joe Biden takes all 5 votes in tiny township that is one of the first to announce results on Election Day

Five key states to watch on election night

Road to 270, build your own electoral map in CNN

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  2. Yahoo Sports
    How Georgia’s blue drift changes politics nationwide
    Jay Busbee
    Jay Busbee
    Tue, November 3, 2020, 12:54 PM EST
    ATLANTA — The Atlanta Hawks aren’t exactly the NBA’s winningest basketball team, but you’d never know it from the way their home court, State Farm Arena, hums and thrums during games. So it’s been something of a shock over the last few weeks to see the arena silent as a church in prayer while thousands of voters filed through to cast early ballots in the 2020 presidential election.

    Queues of voters wound through the stadium’s concourse, past closed taco and pizza stands, past Casa Noble Tequila and Svedka Vodka stands, waiting to descend the steps of aisle 120 onto the arena floor, where dozens of voting machines waited. The Hawks opted not to have DJ music, mascots, giveaways or anything else that could distract focus — or open up the votes cast to any charges of corruption or impropriety.

    The voters who filed into State Farm Arena from all over surrounding Fulton County were the most visible symbol yet that for many Georgians, politics have jumped from an occasional to-do list entry to a significant element of daily life.

    After decades as a scarlet-red Republican state, Georgia is now firmly in the “tossup” camp, and scenes like State Farm Arena — fueled by a young, motivated and informed electorate — are part of the reason why. The state’s 16 electoral votes may or may not be decisive, but they’re now suddenly available to either candidate.

    Two days ago, President Donald Trump traveled to Rome, Georgia, about 70 miles northwest of Atlanta, for a fly-in rally at a local airport. Also on Sunday, vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris spoke to supporters in Atlanta’s Gwinnett County, looking to shore up suburban support. And just a few blocks from State Farm Arena, former President Barack Obama hosted a rally Monday in support of Biden and Georgia’s two Democratic Senate hopefuls.

    It’s an impressive display of political star power in the state, and it’s indicative of a new reality: Georgia is now in the unfamiliar position of battleground state. Like North Carolina, Texas and Arizona, Georgia is a state whose alignment is changing as younger, more diverse and more progressive voters concentrated in urban areas are starting to electorally outweigh more scattered, rural, conservative ones. The lessons Democrats learn from states like Georgia, and the efforts Republicans take to shore up support, will shape the nation’s electoral character in 2024, 2028 and beyond.


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