Trump Hit With Wave of Grim Poll Results for Battleground States

Source: Bloomberg

By Gregory Korte

  •  Biden leading in six critical states needed for victory
  •  States include those lost by Hillary Clinton in 2016

Democrat Joe Biden is widening his lead against President Donald Trump in a slew of crucial battleground states, according to a fresh round of state polls released Wednesday.

Quinnipiac University polls show Biden leading Trump by 11 percentage points in Florida, 13 points in Pennsylvania and 5 points in Iowa.

Two New York Times/Siena College polls found Biden leading by 6 points in Nevada and 1 point in Ohio. And a Marquette University Law School poll has Biden up in Wisconsin by 5 points.

Biden Battlegrounds

Democrat Joe Biden has small to commanding leads in six key battleground states, according to new polls released Wednesday

Margins of error: 4.3 points for New York Times/Siena, 4.2 points for Marquette and 2.8 points for Quinnipiac

The polls reflect voters’ views since the widely panned debate on Sept. 29 in which Trump continuously interrupted and cross-talked over Biden, and during which his family disobeyed rules set by debate hosts to wear masks in the debate hall. Days later, Trump and his wife, Melania, were diagnosed with Covid-19 and by Friday, the president was hospitalized, remaining there for three days.

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